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Digital Academy

Community members with DM2 discuss best practices for daily living strategies as well as the best ways to advocate for yourself in the clinic.

Please note: this is an audio recording only. To see the accompanying presentation, please click here.

Dr. Richard Moxley of the University of Rochester addresses different endocrine problems that challenge patients with mytonic dystrophy types 1 & 2, how they can lead to symptoms and be associated with alterations in blood test measurements, known treatments to mitigate potential symptoms and future opportunities to develop better understanding of these endocrine problems.

Community-led session presented by Lindsay Baran, Josh Crowder, and Leslie Krongold, EdD. Community members discuss the challenges of maintaining independence as DM progresses.

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Community-led panel presented by John Brekka, Bob Crowder, and Andrea Hershman. Community members with DM2 discuss pain management options, both holistic and pharmaceutical.

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Community-led session presented by Mindy Kim, Saurabh Rai, and Amy Ream. They discuss different ways of adapting exercise to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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