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This webinar is essential for meeting attendees and will cover everything you need to know to make an impact on the FDA.

Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD) meeting: This year at our annual conference MDF will host the first community meeting focused on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MDF community members will educate the FDA and other federal agency representatives about symptoms and disease issues that are most important to patients and families, and guide their thinking on DM drug review. The FDA wants to understand which benefits patients seek from therapies and what risks they might be willing to accept to gain specific benefits.

Community members discuss daily living strategies for motivating their adult children living with juvenile-onset DM1.

Please note: This is an audio recording only. To view the accompanying presentation, please click here.

Community members with DM2 discuss best practices for daily living strategies as well as the best ways to advocate for yourself in the clinic.

Please note: this is an audio recording only. To see the accompanying presentation, please click here.

Three community members living with DM1 discuss daily living strategies and ways to cope and manage the disease.

Note: this is an audio recording only. To see the slides that accompany this presentation, please click here.

Dr. Craig Campbell, MD, of Western University in Ontario, Canada, has a discussion with audience members about congenital DM. In the video, Dr. Campbell does not follow a set slide show, but he created slides for additional viewing information. Please click here to see his slides.


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