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Supporting Juvenile Onset Adults: Parents Learn From Each Other

Juvenile Onset Adults (JOAs) and their caregivers face unique challenges when it comes to living with DM. Check out the latest blog post for valuable tips and compassionate insight from families caring for JOAs.

Making connections through support groups

Leslie shares how joining and facilitating support groups has helped her navigate life with DM.

Big Changes Ahead for the FDA Could Benefit Myotonic Dystrophy

Sharon Hesterlee, PhD, Research Director for MDF, shares how upcoming changes to the FDA could impact rare diseases like DM.

The Morning Routine

Mindy shares some of her tips for making mornings a little easier.

Planning For Our Future

Leslie discusses how a recent visit with a friend caused her to start thinking about the need to plan for what lies ahead.

Adventures in Traveling

Loraine discusses some of her recent airline travel experiences.

Expect the Unexpected

As the holidays approach and many people in our community take to the roads to visit friends and family, Tina suggests some ways to make traveling a little easier.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The DM Dad shares what he is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

For the love of reading

Leslie Krongold discusses adapting her favorite past-time to fit her lifestyle.

Identifying as Disabled

Leslie Krongold discusses what it means to her to identify as "disabled."


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