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Community Fundraisers Exceed Expectations!

On Saturday, May 31st, MDF community members came out in force to support Care and a Cure! Near Kansas City, MO the Bormann family hosted the second-annual Muscles for Myotonic 5K Family Fun Walk, and in San Diego, CA, the Jensens held their annual crawfish boil fundraiser, Pinching Tails for a Cure.

Both events were spectacular successes. The 2014 Muscles for Myotonic 5K Family Fun Walk was held on a beautiful sunny day at Heritage Park in Olathe, Kansas. Over one hundred people participated in the walk this year, and the Bormanns raised nearly $11,000; well over their initial $10,000 fundraising goal! The walk is held in memory of the Bormanns daughter Anna, who passed away shortly after birth from DM complications. Kelly Bormann says, "There is hope for better treatments and even a cure for myotonic dystrophy. That's why we started Muscles for Myotonic: we wanted to honor the memory of our little angel Anna by raising money for DM research and awareness about the disorder." To date, the family has raised nearly $20,000 for DM research through their Muscles for Myotonic efforts.

On the same day people were racing in Kansas, partygoers gathered at the Jensen family home for their annual Pinching Tails for a Cure fundraiser. For the past nineteen summers the Jensens have hosted a crawfish boil in their backyard. After Taylor Jensen and her infant son River were diagnosed with DM1 in 2012 they decided to evolve the family tradition to help fund research focused on finding DM treatments. "Fundraising for treatments is our coping mechanism," say the Jensens. "We want to sustain hope for a cure for all those affected by DM."

Please join us in thanking the Bormanns, the Jensens and their supporters for their incredible efforts to improve the lives of those affected by DM. We look forward to next year's events!






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