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"The Facts" Now Available in multiple languages!

Dr. Peter Harper wrote what many people living with DM believe is the best lay overview of myotonic dystrophy in existence in a book entitled The Facts: Myotonic Dystrophy. MDF community members will likely recognize this book, as the English language version is included in the MDF Toolkit sent out to all community members who request one.  It can also be purchased at www.amazon.com.

Dr. Harper was moved to write “The Facts” when DM families told him that they had found portions of his scientific and medical publication, “Myotonic Dystrophy”, helpful and he realized there was a need for something that thoroughly explained DM to the patient community. The book was so popular upon its original publication that a second edition was created in 2009, which included more information on DM2 and an updated overview of the science. The printed version was translated into a number of languages as well. However, digital versions of “The Facts" have not been available, and there have never been translated digital versions available to the community before now.

Thanks to a translation project undertaken by community leader Shannon Lord last year and completed by her husband Larry Lord, and former MDF Executive Director Lisa Harvey, “The Facts” is now available in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese via the MDF website. Access the translations. Very special thanks to Drs. Giovanni Meloa, Adolfo Lopez de Munain, Mario Gomez-Periera, Geneviève Gourdon, Alain Geille, Alice Zanolini, and Fatima Pinto for their translation efforts.






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