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Latest Webinars Shed Light on Specific DM Challenges

Disclosing and Talking About Your Disorder

In late September, Barry Cohen–-a licensed consulting psychologist and experienced caregiver for his now deceased wife and adult son with DM1–-facilitated our webinar title “Disclosing and Talking about Your Disorder.”

Dr. Cohen is an active member of the MDF community and in this webinar he shares his professional and personal experience dealing with the challenges of disclosing DM in personal and work relationships. He stresses the importance of having a true understanding of your prognosis before discussing the when, why, what, and how of myotonic dystrophy. Dr. Cohen also offers practical suggestions on how to handle delicate situations.

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Treatment Options for Pain

Dr. Tetsuo Ashizawa, or Tee as his patients like to refer to him, led “Treatment Options for Pain,” a discussion about the basic anatomy and nature of pain. Although the focus of much of this webinar is on muscle pain experienced by people with DM1 or DM2, he also discusses abdominal pain (intestinal and gall bladder), as well as chest pain.

One slide presented during the webinar—adapted from a research study in the DM community—contains a list of pain treatments with rankings of the relief offered to people with DM. Highest ranked are opioids and marijuana.

Dr. Ashizawa stresses care must be taken with many of these treatments; especially important is the avoidance of intravenous use of opioids and sedatives for pain management.

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Coming Up

Our next webinar, “On Being a Fearless Caregiver,” will be held November 19 at 5 pm ET (8 pm PT) to recognize National Caregiver’s Month. The webinar will be facilitated by Gary Barg, founder and editor-in-chief of Today’s Caregiver and caregiver.com.

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