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Living with DM Webinar Series launched!


In early 2013, MDF asked members of the DM community to complete a survey to help identify the DM-related topics they consider most important. We are using the results of this survey to develop a series of webinars to address the needs of our community. Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey!

Results of the survey indicated that some of the topics of the most importance to adults with DM1 or DM2, parents of children with DM1, or caregivers are:

  1. Dealing with the decline of executive functions of the central nervous system
  2. Treatment options for muscle pain
  3. Treatment for dysphagia
  4. Disclosing and talking about your disorder
  5. Coping with depression associated with having a chronic health condition

Over the coming months, our webinars will focus these topics. For more information on this new feature and to register for an upcoming webinar, please visit our Living with DM Webinar Series page!






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