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MD-CARE Act Advances to House Floor!

Exciting news out of Washington, DC: the House of Representatives' Energy & Commerce Committee amended the MD-CARE Act via voice vote and ordered it to advance to the House floor! The bill is now one crucial step closer to passage. Once the bill passes the House, it must go to the Senate for consideration. Click here to read more about how a bill becomes a law.

Speaking in support of the bill, Health Subcommittee Vice-Chairman and lead sponsor of the bill Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) said,

"This bill makes targeted updates and improvements to legislation first passed by this committee in 2001 and reauthorized in 2008. These efforts have passed on voice votes and passed overwhelmingly on the floor. This legislation is supported by the totality of the muscular dystrophy community, with over 20 organizations writing letters of support which are all part of the subcommittee record. Since its enactment, this law has successfully used limited federal resources to improve clinical care across the muscular dystrophies. It's important to note that this bill provides no additional authorization of appropriations and proposes a small set of improvements intended to ensure that the program is focused on the most critical areas and that the funding being provided reflects current scientific and medical knowledge."

Now your Representatives need to hear from you! Even if you have already contacted them, now is the time to tell them to pass the MD-CARE Act! Click here for more information on contacting your members of Congress. To read more about the MD-CARE Act, please click here






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