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MDF Moves Care and a Cure Agenda Forward at January Planning Offsite

Every year in January, the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF) conducts a two-day strategic planning offsite with staff, board and invited guests. The offsite objectives are threefold:

  • To present proposed work plans for Care, Cure and Foundation operations for board consideration;
  • To review the progress of multi-year initiatives such as MDF 3.0, the foundation’s current 3-year, $5M drug development acceleration initiative and adjust or redirect as necessary; and
  • To address other critical foundation planning issues, such as board governance, succession planning and the like.

The meeting is preceded by an all-day summit with the MDF Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) in October or November of the prior year, to discuss the MDF research platform and plans, and ensure that final recommendations presented to the MDF Board of Directors have been vetted by the SAC.

MDF’s upcoming strategic planning offsite will occur January 6–7, 2017 at the Tides Foundation in San Francisco’s Presidio, also MDF’s home. The board and staff will review progress achieved in MDF 3.0, which is entering the third and final year of scheduled work, along with proposed work for 2017 in Care and Cure, and a board development program designed to ensure that the MDF board remains a strong and strategic driving force behind the success of the organization well into the future.

After the offsite, MDF staff will develop final work plans and budget for 2017, which will be ready for MDF board review and approval in early Spring. We will keep you posted on our plans as they are firmed up, and we welcome any comments or thoughts you would like to share.

Contact us by email at info[at]myotonic.org or phone 415-800-7777.





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