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MDF Repeat Club Wall of Fame

A huge thank you to all of our MDF Repeat Club members! Please note: some of our MDF Repeat Club members have chosen not to appear on the Wall of Fame. If you are a monthly donor and you would like to be listed, please contact the Foundation by email

MDF Repeat Club Member: Joined in:
Gina and George Alig 2015
Patrick and Kathy Bernart 2010
John and Flora Brekka 2014
Richard and Connie Dowling 2011
Cody Frick 2014
Suzette Ison 2014
BillyDean Ison 2015
Susan Kokx 2014
Judith Kroll 2014
Bryant Taylor Mitchell 2015
Saurabh Rai and Ritika Puri 2010
Maritza Rosales 2014
Doug and Teresa Schmertman 2010
Thomas and Nelly Slymon 2014
Kathryn Thorsland 2014
Al and Katie Walter 2012





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