Myotonic Leadership Transition

Myotonic’s work in Care and Cure for myotonic dystrophy has expanded significantly over the past 7 years, and the organization is in a very strong position as we move closer to approved therapies, better diagnosis, access to services and more standardized, high quality care. This work also means that people living with myotonic dystrophy have more hope than ever before for a brighter future. At this moment in Myotonic’s evolution, it is an opportune time to implement a leadership transition that is appropriate to continuing the success of the organization. Hence our current CEO, Molly White, has announced her intent to transition out of the CEO position once a new leader has been selected and integrated into the Myotonic team.

“This was a bittersweet decision for me. My job at Myotonic has been the most rewarding and compelling of any professional position I’ve held. The work we have been able to accomplish has been challenging and impactful. The friendships I have gained in our community of families, with our outstanding research community and in industry are irreplaceable, and deeply meaningful to me. I am ready to hand the day-to-day reins to the next great Myotonic leader, but I’ll always be completely committed to this community and to improving quality of life for our families. I’ll look forward to staying in touch, and cheering from the sidelines as Myotonic’s critically important work moves forward.” Molly White, Myotonic CEO.

“As a family member impacted by myotonic dystrophy, in addition to my board chair role, I have seen firsthand over the last seven years Molly's heart and compassion for our community. I know how much she cares about our DM community; she has been a fighter for Care and a Cure. Molly’s leadership and vision have driven Myotonic’s transformative work across care, cure and advocacy. Her tenacity has elevated and expanded Myotonic’s relationships across the community, researchers, regulators and industry. We respect Molly’s decision and greatly appreciate her commitment to ensure a seamless transition of Myotonic leadership through the end of the year.” Jeremy Kelly, Chairman, Myotonic board of directors.

In short, the Myotonic board of directors, Molly and the Myotonic team remain completely committed to the Myotonic mission: improving the quality of life of people living with myotonic dystrophy while we accelerate the search for therapies and a cure. Our community, research and industry partners can expect continued high-quality strategic programs, investment, relationships and support as we move forward. A national search has been launched to identify Molly’s replacement, and we will keep you apprised of developments as we move into Fall 2019.

We hope you’ll reach out to either of us if you have questions or thoughts. Molly can be reached at, and Jeremy can be reached at We appreciate all that you do as members of the Myotonic community and are grateful for your ongoing commitment as we continue Care and a Cure for DM.

Thank you,

Molly and Jeremy

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