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New Release: NINDS Preclinical Translational Research Funding

The NINDS Division of Translational Research funds research grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts to academic and industry researchers in order to de-risk and advance early-stage neurological technologies, devices, and therapeutic programs to the stage of investor funding and formation of corporate partnerships. The Division’s programs offer excellent opportunities to advance candidate therapeutics for myotonic dystrophy.

NINDS has released three new funding opportunities targeted to specific activities in preclinical development:

  • PAR-18-761 provides funding to conduct pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and in vivo efficacy studies to demonstrate that proposed therapeutic agent(s) have sufficient biological activity to warrant further development.
  • PAR-18-762 supports grant applications to develop in vitro and/or ex vivo assays and conduct iterative screening efforts to identify and characterize potential therapeutic agents.
  • PAR-18-763 supports the development and validation of: (1) animal models and human tissue ex vivo systems that recapitulate the phenotypic and physiologic characteristics of a defined neurological disorder and/or (2) clinically feasible pharmacodynamic markers for therapeutics designed to treat neurological disease.

For any of these funding opportunities, applicants can request up to $499,000 in direct costs in any one year, not to exceed $750,000 in cumulative costs over 3 years.

The tight focus on activities to identify and advance candidate therapeutics makes these programs excellent opportunities for academic and industry researchers working in myotonic dystrophy. These are unique programs and potential applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Program Announcements carefully and to discuss applications with the Program contacts identified in the PARs. Note that these three PARs are only some of the funding opportunities at NINDS to support preclinical and clinical development of candidate therapeutics for DM.





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