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New Survey Collecting Data on Pregnancy in DM Patients

The DM Pregnancy Survey Continues to Seek Participants!
MDF has partnered with Dr. Nick Johnson, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Utah and MDF Fund-a-Fellow grant recipient, to collect data on how the lives of women with DM are affected during and after pregnancy.
“We’re concerned that DM symptoms could worsen during pregnancy,” Dr. Johnson says, “but we need to collect the data to determine if this is true and, if so, in how many cases.” 
Researchers have looked at complications that can occur, but not at how quality of life can be impacted. “The initiative MDF is taking to spearhead and underwrite research like this drives home the importance of getting health and family planning information in front of the community and doctors,” Dr. Johnson adds.
About Participation in the Pregnancy Survey
Please note that the Pregnancy Survey is an online survey. A brief screening questionnaire will be sent to you via email to determine eligibility. If you are deemed eligible, a follow up email with the Pregnancy Survey link will be emailed to you for online completion. The survey can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete based on the number of pregnancies. 
If you’d like to participate in this survey, please contact Melissa Dixon at 801-585-7606. 





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