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PRMRP-A New Funding Source for DM Research

MDF strongly encourages DM investigators to apply for research grant support from the Department of Defense's Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP). The PRMRP requires pre-application letters of intent that are due in mid-June. Full applications are due in September (except for Discovery Awards, which are due in late June).

Please also see the detailed description of the PRMRP that appeared in the May edition of the MDF Research News.

The FY2018 PRMRP announcement is the first opportunity for DM researchers to compete for the approximately $300M to be awarded across 52 diseases and conditions. Eligibility includes academic and company researchers, both in the U.S. and internationally. There are no per-disease set-asides; applications are peer-reviewed and awarded for the most competitive projects.

PRMRP grant award mechanisms cover a broad spectrum of research activities and include: Discovery Awards (where postdoctoral fellows are also eligible), Investigator-Initiated Awards (like NIH R01 awards), Focused Program Awards (similar to NIH program project awards), and Technology/Therapeutic Development Awards (designed to support translational research in academia or corporate environments). Grant mechanisms are described in detail and pre-applications/applications submitted here.

Allowed award budgets are substantial--from $200K over 18 months for Discovery Awards to $10M over 4 years for Focused Program Awards.

All DM researchers are encouraged to apply for this new funding opportunity. As with any funding program, the PRMRP is competitive, but the $300M funding pool for FY2018 represents an excellent opportunity to increase support for your research in DM.

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