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Scientific and Clinical Community Provides Valuable Guidance

At MDF we are committed to helping our community members educate themselves about DM and disease management to enhance their quality of life. Some of our best education resources are the physicians and researchers around the world who have committed themselves to myotonic dystrophy research and clinical care.

We often feature these professionals in webinars, newsletter articles, and presentations made at the MDF Annual Conference. A number of these DM professionals also participate as members of MDF’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Darren Monckton, Professor of Human Genetics at the Institute of Molecular Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Glasgow, has been an MDF Scientific Advisory Board member since its founding, and actively participates in MDF’s education initiatives. You can watch his informative videos on anticipation in myotonic dystrophy here and here.

Dr. Monckton will present at MDF’s 2014 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, this September as a panelist for the “Beyond Biology – Important DM Research Projects” general session. At the conference he’ll discuss the OPTIMISTIC Project, a European research collaborative aimed at improving clinical practice and enhancing DM1 patient quality of life by studying exercise training and cognitive behavioral therapy. The OPTIMISTIC Project is designed to establish outcome measures and to identify biomarkers that could be appropriate for use in clinical trial outcomes assessment. 

You can hear from and interact with Dr. Monckton live this month through MDF’s Living with DM webinar series. Dr. Monckton will lead the July 17 webinar entitled “Everything You Wanted to Know About CTG Repeats.” He’ll explain current research on the significance of CTG repeats for people with DM1, provide additional information about DNA blood tests and what they may reveal, and explain how to read your test results.

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