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TeamMDF Launching Soon!


If you attended this year’s MDF Annual Conference, you heard about it there.  If you didn’t, read on to learn more about MDF’s newest initiative.  TeamMDF is a grassroots volunteer program designed to engage and grow our community, and help MDF achieve its mission by increasing the resources we can devote to people living with DM and to vital research efforts.  Volunteers will staff Peer-to-Peer Warmlines, help create local Physician Referral Lists, establish local DM Support Groups, and many other important jobs serving the community and the Foundation.  

Phase I of the TeamMDF launch will run mid-October through December, and will feature the launch of four initial programs:

  • Peer-to-Peer Warmlines that will serve as local resources for newly-diagnosed patients looking for answers or current community members needing support
  • Physician Referral Lists that will enable community members to more easily locate medical professionals with experience treating DM patients
  • DM Support Groups to enable local, face to face support for people and caregivers living with DM
  • Grassroots Fundraising to raise the profile of DM and the Foundation in local communities and raise much-needed funds for community support and research programs

And that’s only the beginning.  We’ll be launching more programs and enlisting more volunteers in 2013.  TeamMDF is a very significant part of the Foundation’s strategy to meet the increasing community demand for programs and resources while maintaining a lean staff and budget.  The program will continue to grow over the next several years and, as a major MDF multi-year initiative, we will keep you posted on how it is doing and how you can help.  TeamMDF will launch in mid-October – watch your email and www.myotonic.org for the launch announcement and how you can get involved.






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