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Written by his son, Dr. Eric Tzy-Shi Wang (王滋熙). My dad had lived with symptoms of myotonic dystrophy for over 30 years. After college, with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, I decided to focus my training and career on better understanding the molecular mechanisms of DM, and it had always been an ambitious goal of mine to find a medicine for my dad. Thus, my dad’s journey ultimately served as a guidepost and motivating factor for my life’s work.

DM Researchers Awarded Record $8.8 Million in New Awards In Fiscal Year 2022 Four DM researchers submitted grant applications and two researchers won awards. This represents an excellent 50% success rate for DM! Details on the researchers and research topics will be announced soon. Read more about this increcdible funding opportunity and how you can become a PRMRP Consumer Reviewer!

We are overjoyed to welcome Sofia Olmos, PhD, to the team! Sofia’s passion for science, as well as increased direct involvement in patient care communities, makes her a perfect fit for a role that requires both emotional intelligence and a comprehensive scientific knowledge of data storage practices, evaluation, and analysis.

It would be challenging to exist among the fast-paced lifestyle of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. That is why it is important, especially as a person living with DM, to have support. One place we can seek out that mutual aid is within a support group. And in New York City, look no further, because Glenda, Guillermo, and Jan are the team of cheerleaders you need in the Big Apple. 

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