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The Latest

Ms. Marrero Quinones, a dual-degree student pursuing a Ph.D. in Human and Molecular Genetics and an M.S. in Genetic Counseling at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), aspires to contribute to DM research. With seven years of experience as a scientist and healthcare advocate, she became deeply involved in the Myotonic Dystrophy Translational Research Program (MDTRP), which she states solidified her commitment to a translational career. Her long-term goal is to identify genetic modifiers of disease severity in DM1.

Through these small, one-year grants, MDF aims to provide an opportunity for researchers to explore high-risk, high-reward proof-of-concept studies, or novel research approaches without the burden of extensive preliminary data or long-term commitments.

Exposure to myotonic dystrophy research at Regeneron and the collaborative environment at the University of Rochester solidified her interest in myotonic dystrophy research. Post-graduate school, Ms. Hamazaki aspires to apply her skills to patient-focused myotonic dystrophy research, driven by the desire to contribute impactful research benefiting the patient community.

We are absolutely overjoyed to bring Lucie onto the MDF Programs team! Along with Lucie’s impressive background and skillset, her empathetic and joyful nature make her the perfect fit for serving the myotonic dystrophy community as our Senior Manager of Community Engagement.