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The Latest

Since her myotonic dystrophy (DM) diagnosis in 2010, Mindy has been very active in the DM community. Her current roles include Support Group Facilitator for North & South Carolina and Supportive Facebook Chat Facilitator. Despite her already significant involvement in the DM community, Mindy Kim has decided that she has the capacity to do even more!

MDF is pleased to introduce our new office volunteer, Elias Trevino! After decades of work in the chronic disease nonprofit space as a Vice President of Operations, and having volunteered at numerous charity organizations during his life, Elias brings a tremendous skill set to help move MDF’s mission forward.

MDF is proud to announce Melissa Hale, PhD of Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, US as one of MDF's 2023 Early Career Research Grant Recipients!

MDF is proud to announce Jiss Louis, PhD of the RNA Institute, University at Albany, New York, US, as one of MDF's 2023 Fellowship Recipients!

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