You Can Fundraise for Myotonic Dystrophy

NEW! Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook has made it easier than ever to create personal fundraising campaigns for your favorite non-profit. Helping raise money for improved care and therapies is now as easy as making a social media post. Since this program's start in 2018, our generous community has raised over $175,000! See past campaigns and log into Facebook to start your own!  

Why Should I Be a Fundraiser?

By fundraising for the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF), you can empower yourself and your family and make a difference in the fight against myotonic dystrophy, helping increase the funding available to support the DM community and for meaningful research into treatments and a cure. Events can be gala dinners or foot races that can take a lot of planning, or simple letter or email campaigns to friends and family. Hosting an event is fun, and MDF is here to help. We have resources to help you get organized, plan, promote, and execute your event or activity. We can even help you choose an activity that is right for you and your family. 

How Will MDF Benefit?

MDF programs exist to enhance the quality of life of people living with myotonic dystrophy, and accelerate research efforts focused on treatments and cure for this disease. We do this by providing support services to people living with DM, raising awareness about the disease in the general population and with legislators, educating families and medical professionals about the disorder and advocating for increased funding for myotonic dystrophy research and patient support. Your fundraising efforts are vital to enabling MDF to continue this important work.

How Do I Get Started?

Get in touch with us! We'll help turn your ideas into a plan, answer your questions and provide the resources and support you need. Please contact MDF at for more information.