Caregiver Stories - Terry Brown

Winner - Caregiver of the Week!

"We found out around February 2013 that both my dad and I have myotonic dystrophy. I believe that most parents that found out their 22-year-old daughter has a disease such as this would have said I was on my own - but not my mom! She has been researching and reading whatever she can on myotonic dystrophy. She goes to the doctor with me, she shares the information she finds with me so I can read it myself, and she never stops letting me know that I am loved and that I have someone to turn to when it gets hard. My mom has always been there pushing me to do my best and to stay on top of my game and now she is there to walk this path with me. We are learning together as we go along, and I am so thankful that I have her here beside me through it all. She gives me hope when I have none, she keeps me realistic and grounded, she gives me a shoulder to cry on when I need one, and she bucks me up when needed. My mom is a hero in every sense of the word."

- Liana Brown


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