Central Nervous System - DM1


  • DM1 is also a ‘brain disorder,’ and can cause cognitive and behavioral abnormalities which can impact quality of life.


  • Cognitive and behavioral abnormalities can involve deficits in intelligence, executive function, visual-spatial construction, thinking and problem solving, and attention, although the scope and degree of the involvement may vary.

  • Difficulty organizing and planning.

  • Personality features such as anxiety, avoidant behavior, apathy, lack of initiative or inactivity.

  • Mental health disorders including anxiety, substance abuse, or depression.

  • Problems with social circumstances ranging from child neglect, acute financial need, unsafe driving, unsafe or unsanitary home, and/or homelessness.

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness (otherwise known as hypersomnia) which is associated with an unpredictable and frequent sleep.


  • Baseline neuropsychological evaluations with your physician.

  • Have an annual exam/physical with your doctor to discuss psychiatric or behavioral issues and/or cognitive changes.


  • Discuss the possible use of psychostimulants with your doctor if you have apathy and an impairing level of fatigue or excessive daytime sleepiness.