Ask-the-Expert: Key Neuropsychological Features of DM1

Originally presented on April 15th, 2022.

Do you have questions about brain-fog and the cognitive issues associated with DM1? Join DM expert Benjamin Gallais, PhD, of the the Center for the Study of Living Conditions and the Needs of the Population (ECOBES) for an “Ask-the-Expert” session on Key Neuropsychological Features of DM1.

View the open access article, Instrumental activities of daily living in adults with the DM1 childhood phenotype: going beyond motor impairments, referenced during the presentation.

Doctor Benjamin Gallais obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Paris 8 in 2010 and received an MDF Research Fellowship in 2016. A clinical psychologist in France, his country of origin, he then completed a postdoctoral internship with the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Neuromuscular Diseases (GRIMN ) in the Saguenay, in order to deepen his knowledge of myotonic dystrophy type 1. Today, his expertise in this neuromuscular disease is recognized internationally. Specialized in health psychology and neuropsychology, Dr. Gallais is interested in the characterization of personality and damage to cognitive functions in neuromuscular diseases, their evolution and their impact on autonomy and social participation. In addition, his work focuses on the consequences of damage to the central nervous system, such as fatigue and motivational disorders. Dr. Gallais joined the ÉCOBES team in 2018.

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