Gene Editing for Myotonic Dystrophy

Presented during Myotonic's Friday Afternoon Webinar Series.

Dr. Vincent Dion presents on gene editing, the permanent correction of a genetic mutation. The hope is that it becomes a treatment for many currently incurable diseases, including myotonic dystrophy. Dr. Dion will discuss the progress that has been made in the field and the limitations and challenges that remain before a safe and efficient method can make its way to the clinic.

About the presenter:

Dr. Vincent Dion obtained his PhD from Baylor College of Medicine (USA) for defining the role of DNMT1, the maintenance DNA methyltransferase, in preventing disease-causing CAG/CTG repeat expansions in 2007. He became Professor at the UK Dementia Research Institut at Cardiff University in January of 2019. His lab has made key contributions towards the development of gene editing approaches to correct mutations that cause 14 different neurological, neuromuscular, and neurodegenerative diseases, including myotonic dystrophy.

Resources from the presentation: