MDF Launches Healthier Living Discussion Group

Published on Fri, 12/10/2021

Beginning Tuesday, January 11 at 4pm Pacific Time, MDF will hold monthly meetings to discuss topics of importance to the DM community!

Topics and discussions focus on how to empower oneself to maximize daily life with DM. Every 2nd Tuesday starting next year, veteran facilitator Leslie Krongold, EdD and MDF's Program Director will engage all members of the DM community on topics ranging from goal-setting to intimacy, hope, volunteerism, and the benefits of nature.

Like MDF support groups, members are not required to attend every meeting but are encouraged and welcome to attend when they are able and interested. MDF will make materials available in advance, such as articles and videos, in order to generate conversation and create a level starting point for the discussion, but meetings will not include presentations or lectures.