Reproductive System - DM2


  • Pregnancy can exacerbate DM2. A few reports indicate that pregnancy can exacerbate or unmask the onset of myotonia and cause increased pain in DM2. More research is needed to confirm these observations.

  • The effects of DM2 on both smooth and striated muscle can complicate pregnancy, labor and delivery.


  • Discuss the following tests with your doctor:

    • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to determine whether the embryo is affected or prenatal genetic diagnosis to determine if the fetus has the DM2 genetic expansion.

    • Reproductive and fertility/infertility history inculding personal and family history.


  • Family planning.

  • Refer to genetic counseling, family planning and other specialists as indicated.

  • Prenatal and preimplantation genetic diagnosis can allow for termination of the pregnancy or selective implantation of unaffected embryos.