Genetics and Disease Overview

DM & Anticipation, Part 1

Dr. Darren Monckton describes anticipation in myotonic dystrophy, the process by which the disease increases in severity as it is passed from generation to generation.

Heart Health - 2019 Myotonic Annual Conference

Heart Health: Understanding DM Cardiac Symptoms with Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD

This session explains how myotonic dystrophy may impact your heart and provides an overview of the cardiac electrical system, common symptoms associated with conduction problems, and preventative measures.

Download the Heart Health Slide Deck.

DM Sleep Disorders: Updated Research and Management Strategies

Dr. John Day of Stanford University presents an overview of brain-related DM impacts that can affect sleep, and current thinking regarding strategies to manage this very prevalent DM symptom. From the 2017 MDF Annual Conference.

DM and the Brain (2016 MDF Annual Conference)

Watch DM and the Brain, a video from the 2016 MDF Annual Conference.

Hormone Issues Associated with DM1 & DM2

Dr. Richard Moxley of the University of Rochester addresses different endocrine problems that challenge patients with mytonic dystrophy types 1 & 2, how they can lead to symptoms and be associated with alterations in blood test measurements, known treatments to mitigate potential symptoms and future opportunities to develop better understanding of these endocrine problems.

Everything You Wanted to Know About CTG Repeats

Dr. Darren Monckton explains the current research concerning the significance of CTG repeats for persons with DM1.

DM & Anticipation, Part 2

Dr. Darren Monckton describes anticipation, the process by which the disease increases in severity as it is passed from generation to generation, a unique feature of myotonic dystrophy.

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