Virtual Support Group for Adults Over 50 Living with DM1 Plan Future Meetings!

Published on Fri, 11/19/2021

The Virtual Support Group Meeting for Adults Over 50 Living with DM1 had its inaugural launch on Sunday, November 14th with a total of 9 attendees. For the majority of those present, it was their first support group – virtual or in-person. The age range was from 50 – 74 years old and participants zoomed in from throughout the United States (Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oregon, Florida, California, Maryland) as well as Canada.

When asked what their expectations are from the group, nearly all said to connect with others and hear how each is handling their condition with hopes of learning some new tips and tricks.

The next meeting is set for Friday, December 10th at 12 PM  Pacific / 3 PM Eastern. With hopes of meeting diverse schedules, and different time zones, the group will vary the meeting dates and times.

To attend future virtual meetings, please contact Leslie Krongold at

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