Welcome Emily Romney, Special Projects Manager

Published on Tue, 11/28/2023

The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF) is pleased to welcome Emily Romney, MPA as our new Special Projects Manager!

In late October 2023, MDF’s Communications Associate, Genevieve Wiegleb, sat down with Emily to learn more about her story and inspiration to work at the Foundation.

MDF is delighted to re-introduce Emily Romney, MPA, as our new Special Projects Manager! Emily’s years of prior nonprofit experience and education, coupled with her dedication and enthusiasm, make her a great fit for this role.

While working on her Master of Public Administration degree, Emily joined MDF as a Public Health Intern, where she had the opportunity to work on MDF’s toolkit. She enjoyed collaborating on this project and working on a resource that would benefit people affected by myotonic dystrophy. Notably, Emily was encouraged to review MDF’s strategic plan during her internship. She was excited to see truly meaningful objectives and learn about the tactics required to meet them. She was also thrilled to witness praxis– something she learned about in her Master’s program as critical to the success of organizations, was actually being implemented in real life – and that she could contribute to its success.

Emily returned to school after her internship to complete her degree with an emphasis in nonprofit management and social impact. Energized by her time with MDF, she kept an eye on the organization’s progress. She was inspired by the continuous commitment to changing the future of the disease and she hoped that an opportunity to return to MDF would arise!

In June 2023, Emily’s hopes were realized when the Special Projects Manager position became available, and she joined MDF full-time. Community-oriented and mission-driven to her core, she is passionate about continuing to create community-facing materials, resources, and events for people impacted by DM.

Even during her personal time, Emily continues her pursuit of knowledge and perspective. She is on track to read 75 books by the end of this year! MDF is pleased to welcome Emily back to the team and is excited to see what she will help accomplish next! We thank you for joining us in celebrating her her return.

Please help us welcome Emily Romney, Special Projects Manager!

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