Welcome Lucie Shiffman, Senior Manager of Community Engagement

Published on Mon, 05/20/2024

The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation is pleased to welcome Lucie Shiffman as our new Senior Manager of Community Engagement!

"We are absolutely overjoyed to bring Lucie onto the MDF Programs team! Along with Lucie’s impressive background and skillset, her empathetic and joyful nature make her the perfect fit for serving the myotonic dystrophy community as our Senior Manager of Community Engagement." - MDF's Director of Programs, Mindy Buchanan

Committed to ensuring community voices are heard, Lucie brings with her a great enthusiasm for community engagement and care to this role. Lucie studied at Allegheny College where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has served in the US Peace Corps and as a Senior Program Manager at Repair the World, an organization focused on social justice in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Her professional background has provided her with invaluable experience in organizing events, coaching volunteers, and developing strategies to meet the needs of a group. In her personal life, she has assisted family and friends living with chronic illness in navigating the healthcare system and obtaining care. Lucie is intrinsically motivated by the belief in a future where people feel supported and empowered. Upon seeing MDF’s mission centered on Community, Care, and a Cure, she felt compelled to uplift the work of the Foundation.

Lucie joined MDF in March and has attended nearly every 2024 MDF Regional Conference! At these events, she has connected with people living with myotonic dystrophy, researchers, and physicians. These experiences have fueled her eagerness to continue collaborations that bolster opportunities for connection and support programs that empower.

As Senior Manager of Community Engagement, she has the “joy of working alongside over 45 passionate volunteers,” who serve as Support Group Facilitators. In April of 2024, she worked with Mindy Buchanan to provide a Support Group Facilitator Training in Chicago, sponsored by Avidity Biosciences. This was an incredible opportunity for her to learn from leaders in the myotonic dystrophy community.

Another important facet of Lucie's role at MDF is managing the Warmline. The Warmline provides one on one resource support for people living with myotonic dystrophy, their caregivers, and medical professionals. If you submit a Warmline request, Lucie may be the person assisting you! 

Additionally, Lucie is enthusiastic about working with the Movement Committee to create an incredible Myotonic Dystrophy In Motion awareness campaign during the month of July! 

During her spare time, Lucie loves to read, walk, volunteer in her community, and spend time with loved ones. Her desire to challenge herself exists in all areas of her life, including in her practice of Taekwondo - she holds a fourth degree black belt!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome Lucie Shiffman as our new MDF Senior Manager of Community Engagement! 

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