Welcome Mindy Buchanan, Director of Programs

Published on Wed, 05/24/2023

The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation is pleased to welcome Mindy Buchanan as our new Director of Programs!

Dedicated to working with populations affected by highly variable diseases, Mindy joins MDF after working with adolescents and young adults with rare forms of cancer, as well as sarcoidosis. She brings with her nearly twenty years of experience in non-profit and academic medical center settings, including a wealth of knowledge on leading educational, psychosocial, and peer-to-peer support programs.

After studying Community Health Education at Portland State University, she earned a post-graduate-certificate in biomedical ethics. Deeply committed to developing and managing programmatic efforts serving populations affected by highly variable chronic illnesses, like myotonic dystrophy, Mindy also serves as a certified storytelling coach to help people find their voice and share their experiences with the world.  

Mindy's time spent working with adolescents and young adults with cancer exposed her to the plethora of ways a chronic health diagnosis can alter a person’s life, both physically and socioemotionally. It has also allowed her to gain unique experience working with communities with diverse experiences navigating the medical system. The variation in form, stage, and type of cancer (and subsequent treatment) ensure that no two experiences are quite alike.

Working in communities affected by sarcoidosis has similarly provided Mindy with expertise that will help her better support the DM community; “I like working in communities with complex health challenges – identifying the greatest good for the greatest number of people is a challenge I enjoy… I want to find ways to ensure folks are supported in the best way possible.” Mindy knows there are significant barriers to achieving health as an individual with chronic health problems, and she is visibly passionate about mitigating those barriers. She hopes that her work at MDF will raise awareness about DM, and improve and expand education for the DM community and DM providers on testing, treatment, and support.          

Mindy was not looking for a new job when she found out about the vacant Director of Programs position. She shared it with several other people, some of whom responded by saying that the job would be perfect for her!  Mindy shared that, “it took a lot for me to want to leave my other world because I loved the community there so much. But this team is refreshing and exciting and creative; it’s a different type of team. It’s vibrant!” 

Please help us welcome Mindy Buchanan as the new MDF Director of Programs!

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