Facilitating Social Interaction in Myotonic Dystrophy with Dr. Missy Dixon

Watch this presentation on "Facilitating Social Interaction In Myotonic Dystrophy" by Melissa M. Dixon, PhD, MS from the University of Utah.

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In this webinar, Dr. Missy Dixon, PhD, MS, reviews the importance of social connection, including the physical health and mental health benefits of social connection, how the illness experience affects social connection and interaction, and how to navigate social connection for those affected with myotonic dystrophy and their caregivers. The webinar discusses the impact of myotonic dystrophy on social status and identity, and provides helpful strategies for facilitating successful social interactions and communication. Planning and problem solving in social situations are reviewed, including goal setting, barriers to social interaction, and how careful planning is crucial to successful social interactions. This is a great resource for those affected with myotonic dystrophy and their caregivers as it provides clear direction and advice on how to manage common social situations that arise in daily life.