Myotonic Caregiver Virtual Support Group

The Myotonic Caregivers Support Group Program consists of a confidential Facebook discussion group, bimonthly Facebook live chat sessions and a monthly Caregiver Virtual Support Group phone meeting. The Facebook group is closed, private and not viewable by anyone outside the group. To sign up, contact Myotonic Program Director Leah Hellerstein at 415-872-7924 or via email at leah.hellerstein[at]

If you do not have a Facebook account and are only interested in attending the monthly Caregiver Virtual Support Group Meeting, contact Myotonic Program Director Leah Hellerstein at 415-872-7924 or via email at

You can also visit our Digital Academy at any time to view our caregiver-focused webinar, "On Being a Fearless Caregiver." Additionally, community-led presentations from the 2014 Myotonic Annual Conference that focus on caregiving are available. Myotonic celebrates the many critically important caregivers in the Myotonic community (view our article on caregiving here).

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