Myotonic Dystrophy Research Map

Welcome to the Myotonic Dystrophy Research Map

The Myotonic Dystrophy Research Map is an interactive, visual database of the current DM research ecosystem compiled by the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF).  

MDF is proud to serve as the nexus of care, research and drug development within the myotonic dystrophy community. To increase collaboration and general knowledge across the DM ecosystem, we have compiled publicly available research-related information on myotonic dystrophy into a single comprehensive database. To capture the interconnected nature of progress in the DM research ecosystem, we have illustrated the data in a visual network map – an intuitive, holistic, and explorable knowledge-building tool built for professionals and community members alike.

We hope this project will support, supplement, and streamline the work of researching and developing treatments for myotonic dystrophy, as well as generate interest from our community in the important work being done in DM research. We encourage you to explore!

What is the Myotonic Dystrophy Research Map?

This network map represents the most current and relevant published knowledge of the DM research community across the world, and its interconnectedness.

It's a network map which illustrates entities--people, places, things--and their connections. It's interactive, meaning you can explore, modify/adjust or even completely customize the scale and scope of what you see. It's an extensive database, through which you can search, group, and parse information based on your areas of interest. 

Our database currently contains over 7,000 entities, 13,000 connections, and over 50,000 datapoints by which to search, sort, group, and filter. 

Mapping the DM Research Ecosystem

Our map features the following entities within the DM research and drug development ecosystem, as well as their connections to each other: 

  • Researchers & Research Institutions

  • DM Drug Developers including Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies

  • DM-Related Studies, Trials & Publications

  • DM Research Tools & Drug Therapies in Development

Explore the Myotonic Dystrophy Research Map!

Step by Step Tutorial

We highly recommend new users following the Step by Step Tutorial below to familiarize yourself with the Map and its functions. Once you are comfortable navigating the tool, we invite you to explore our preset filter views, which have been tailored to specific areas of interest. Click here to view the Step by Step Tutorial.

View the Map

From this vast and incomprehensible database, we’ve created three distinct filtered views of the map. Each illustrates a compelling story or trend that is comprehensible in scope yet still rich in detail.

  1. MDF Affiliations & Impact - Learn more about the impact of the research and funding activity by the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation. Enter the MDF Affiliation & Impact View!
  2. DM Drug Development - Discover the myotonic dystrophy drug therapies that are currently in development, their developers, and related publications and studies. Enter the DM Drug Development View!
  3. DM Clinical Trials and Studies - Find ongoing DM focused clinical studies and trials. Enter the DM Clinical Trials & Studies View!

Best Practices for Working with the Map

There is an exciting amount of research and development activity around myotonic dystrophy, which translates to a very large map! For the best experience we recommend viewing the map on a laptop or desktop computer. Please be aware that map views and presentations make take longer to load than others. To ensure the fastest loading times, we recommend exiting any additional applications on your computer and closing as many internet browser tabs as possible. 

Suggest Changes or Additions

MDF has performed an initial landscape scan but we will continue to expand and refine our map based on new developments and community submissions. We need your feedback to make this tool as effective as possible. Click here to submit content additions or updates.

Click here to submit general comments, questions, or feature suggestions.

Full Data Set Request

For more information on the Myotonic Dystrophy Research Map or if you are interested in accessing the full data set, please contact MDF at