Other Publications

The Facts: Myotonic Dystrophy, by Prof. Peter Harper, published by Oxford University Press, 2002. This hundred-page book is written in easy-to-understand language for families affected by myotonic dystrophy. It’s a good place to begin educating yourself. Available online at Oxford University Press or Amazon.com.

  • Les Faits (version française / French version)
  • I Fatti (versione italiana / Italian version)
  • Os Factos (versão em português / Portuguese version)
  • Los Hechos (versión española / Spanish version)

Myotonic Dystrophy – Present Management, Future Therapy, edited by Prof. Peter Harper, published by Oxford University Press, 2004. This 240-page book written by DM experts from around the world is geared to medical professionals. It includes highly technical descriptions and is a good book to take to medical appointments as specific symptoms arise.

Myotonic Dystrophy, 3rd Edition, by Prof. Peter Harper, published by W.B. Saunders, 2001. This 400-page book on DM is written for medical professionals. The descriptions are highly technical.

Genetic Instabilities and Neurological Diseases, 2nd ed., by Robert D. Wells and Tetsuo Ashizawa, published by Elsevier Academic Press, 2006. This book is written for medical professionals and the descriptions are highly technical.