Pain and DM2

A father and son living with myotonic dystrophy type 2 describe the unique pain they experience with this disease.

Ask-the-Expert: DM2 & Managing Pain

Do you have questions for DM doctors and therapists? Join Johanna Hamel, MD, and Lindsay Baker, PT, of the University of Rochester for an “Ask-the-Expert” session on the DM2 & Managing Pain.

Clinical Trial Readiness Workshop

Originally presented on September 11th, 2021 as a part of the DM1 & DM2 Tracks at the 2021 Virtual MDF Annual Conference.

A panel of experts will explain what a clinical trial is, what it takes to develop a trial, which trials are currently enrolling, and how members of the DM community can participate to advance research. 

Speakers include:

State of DM2 Research & Ways to Engage

Originally presented on September 10th, 2021 as a part of the DM2 Track at the 2021 Virtual MDF Annual Conference.

DM2: Disease Development, Symptoms, & Management

Originally presented on September 10th. 2021 as a part of the DM2 Track at the 2021 Virtual MDF Annual Conference.

Learn about genetic factors causing DM2, the different body systems affected, the most common symptoms, and how best to manage and provide care for the disease from a leading expert. Appropriate for newly diagnosed and those living with DM2 for many years.

Speakers include:

Multi-Systemic and Cognitive Aspects of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2

Presented during Myotonic's Friday Afternoon Webinar Series.

This webinar presents an overview of multi-systemic aspects in DM2, including an update on cognitive deficits, CNS imaging techniques, coping with COVID-19 and DM2, and a research update emphasizing molecular mechanisms which could assist in better prognosis of DM2.

About the Presenter:

Giovanni Meola, MD
Università degli Studi di Milano

Beyond General Anesthesia: Opiates and Other Pain Meds

Dr. Jacinda Sampson, joined by Dr. Ian Bowler, presents on the complications experienced by people living with myotonic dystrophy when they are subjected to anesthesia and, as importantly, other pain medications that can create similar complications and risks. This is critically important information for every DM family member and attending clinician to know. From the 2017 MDF Annual Conference.

Meditation for Caregivers

A webinar on meditation hosted by Dr. Genie Palmer, a former associate professor and researcher at Sofia University.

Staying Strong - DM & Exercise Panel (2015 Myotonic Annual Conference)

A panel of physical therapy professionals and people living with DM discuss ways to stay physically fit.

Living with DM2

Dr. Matt Disney and Dr. John Day provide an overview of the DM2 disease mechanism and describe how compounds can be designed as potential therapies for this disease.

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