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Industry Updates and Q&A - 2019 Myotonic Annual Conference

Representatives from biotech and pharma companies will provide updates on their drug development efforts in the DM field, including companies new to the Myotonic Annual Conference. The industry updates are followed by the Q&A session where questions submitted throughout the conference are answered by a panel of DM Professionals.

Matt Disney, PhD., Expansion Therapeutics - Slides
Art Levin, PhD, Avidity Biosciences - Slides coming soon!
Laury Mignon, PhD, Ionis Therapeutics - Slides coming soon!
Mo Qatanani, PhD, Dyne Therapeutics - Slides

DM and Genetics Your Questions Answered


Join Certified Genetic Counselor Tiffany Grider from the University of Iowa for an recorded webinar on genetic testing. Topics include:

+ The underlying genetic cause of myotonic dystrophy type 1.
+ How this genetic cause leads to so many different medical problems including muscle weakness.
+ Inheritance, the risks for congenital myotonic dystrophy and the genetic basis for the more severe symptoms.
+ Different types of genetic testing including diagnostic, presymptomatic, and prenatal.
+ Research being done for gene therapies.

View Tiffany Grider's clinical profile.

Download the slides (.pptx).

Dr. Moxley Retirement 2018

MDF created a short video to recognize and celebrate Moxley’s incredible commitment and impact on the treatment of myotonic dystrophy and scientific discovery to drive disease understanding and therapy development. “Mox” is in many ways irreplaceable, functioning as a singular force in the myotonic dystrophy field for over four decades.

Read more about the tribute to Dr. Moxley.


DM Heroes

There are many heroes in the myotonic dystrophy community, from the people living with this disease to their caregivers, physicians and the researchers who focus on developing therapies and better disease understanding every day. Watch this moving short film to hear a few of these heroes described and celebrated.

Sleep Issues Associated with DM

Dr. Chad Ruoff of the Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine discusses common sleep issues associated with myotonic dystrophy, and ways to manage these symptoms.