MDF Grassroots Fundraising Toolbox

Fundraise for Community, Care, and a Cure

Grassroots fundraising is one of the most helpful and active ways to support our mission of Community, Care, and a Cure. Here, we hope to provide you with the tools you need to start a fun, unique fundraiser in your community! Some of the most effective - and most fun - fundraising happens on a small scale, between individuals in the community. You and your personal network can make an enormous impact on the lives of those living with DM, and have a blast doing it!

In 2019, the extended MDF family raised over $120k through community led grassroots fundraisers!

Get your friends involved with one of our online fundraising methods:


Facebook fundraisers are fun, personal ways to fundraise with your existing network of friends! These campaigns are quick and easy to set up and maintain. To get started setting up your Facebook fundraiser, follow the steps below or click here to get started!

  • Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your Facebook News Feed
  • Click Raise Money for a Nonprofit
  • Search for and select Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation
  • Choose a cover photo and fill in details
  • Click Create


Like Facebook, Instagram offers an accessible and simple way to fundraise with your friends (or followers) and also do not charge a processing fee. These fundraisers vary slightly as they can only be created in Instagram “Stories” (a 24 hour, temporary post). This unique attribute makes this method especially compelling for that 24 hour period! To start an Instagram fundraiser, follow the steps below:

  • In the Instagram app, open the “Stories” camera and take or upload a photo that best highlights your campaign (or your connection to DM)!
  • Tap the sticker icon.
  • Select the donation sticker from the options.
  • Search for and select Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (@MyotonicStrong)
  • Customize your fundraiser using the pen, text or other options in Stories.
  • Tap Send to. Then tap Share next to Your Story.
  • You can add multiple images or videos to build your fundraising story.

Custom Campaign:

Think outside the box! You can fundraise in countless ways online and we can help you create a custom page on the MDF website for your next digital fundraiser. Check out some ideas below:

  • Miles for Myotonic Dystrophy: A simultaneous walkathon at a designated time around the country (or around the world)!
  • My Hike for MDF: Gather sponsors for a designated solo hike (or bike ride). Ask friends and family to sponsor each mile you complete.

Need Help Getting Started?

Or already have an idea? We'll help turn those ideas into a plan, answer your questions and provide the resources and support you need. Contact the Development team at

How Will MDF Benefit?

MDF works to enhance the quality of life and to accelerate research efforts towards treatments and a cure for those living with this disease. We do this by funding research, providing support, raising awareness, and advocating for research and patient support.

Your fundraising efforts make a difference in the lives of people living with myotonic dystrophy!