Rashid Kassir

San Diego, California, USA

Rashid Kassir became the MDF Support Group Facilitator for the San Diego area in 2022. After a member from his father's side of the family confirmed their myotonic dystrophy diagnosis, Rashid and 2 of his siblings were subsequently diagnosed. Rashid graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and went on to pursue a Master's in International Relations and Comparative Politics from the University of California, San Diego. Currently he owns and operates a real estate agency in San Diego area. Rashid and his wife enjoy traveling, trying new ethnic foods, and watching sunsets at the beach. He has been involved with MDF since he reached out in 2021 in pursuit of resources and support. The work done by MDF inspired Rashid to start a new support group for the DM community in San Diego.