Disease Management

Pulmonary Considerations Session

Watch Pulmonary Considerations, a video from the 2016 MDF Annual Conference.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Watch Applying for Disability Benefits, a video from the 2016 MDF Annual Conference.

Meditation for Caregivers

A webinar on meditation hosted by Dr. Genie Palmer, a former associate professor and researcher at Sofia University.

Staying Strong - DM & Exercise Panel (2015 Myotonic Annual Conference)

A panel of physical therapy professionals and people living with DM discuss ways to stay physically fit.

Nutrition Issues Related to DM

In this webinar, Kari Lane, RD, CNSC, Clinical Dietitian at the University of Utah, discusses nutritious diets to maintain heart and GI health for people living with myotonic dystrophy.

Food Prep for Dysphagia (2014 MDF Annual Conference)

Community-led session presented by Regina Thompson and Jessica Nussbaum. Two caregivers discuss different ways of preparing food for those with dysphagia.

Traveling with DM (2014 Myotonic Annual Conference)

Community-led session led by Elizabeth Florence and Loraine Dressler. This presentation discusses best practices for traveling with those living with DM.

Beyond ADL (2014 MDF Annual Conference)

Cynthia Gagnon, PhD, OT, of the Université de Sherbrooke, discusses ways to modify daily living activities to best benefit those living with DM.

Vision & Eye Health (2014 Myotonic Annual Conference)

Todd Goodglick, MD, of Washington Eye Physicians, discusses common ophthalmological issues resulting from myotonic dystrophy and what can be done to address these symptoms.

Gastrointestinal Health (2014 MDF Annual Conference)

Linda Nguyen, MD, of Stanford University, discusses GI health as it relates to myotonic dystrophy, and ways to combat these symptoms.

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