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Pulmonary Considerations Session

Watch Pulmonary Considerations, a video from the 2016 MDF Annual Conference.

10/26/18 video
Treatment Options for Pain

This webinar discusses various pharmocological and non-pharmacological treatments for muscle, chest, and abdominal pain often experienced by persons with DM1 or DM2.

4/18/18 video
Vision & Eye Health (2014 MDF Annual Conference)

Todd Goodglick, MD, of Washington Eye Physicians, discusses common ophthalmological issues resulting from myotonic dystrophy and what can be done to address these symptoms.

4/16/18 video
Clinical Trials Training

The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation presents a training video for clinical trials participants, presented by Dr. Bruce Wentworth of Genzyme, and Jeanne Dekdebrun and Elizabeth Luebbe of the University of Rochester.

4/16/18 video
Transitioning to Adulthood (2016 MDF Annual Conference)

Watch Transitioning to Adulthood, a video from the 2016 MDF Annual Conference.

11/2/18 video
Facilitating Social Interaction in Myotonic Dystrophy with Dr. Missy Dixon

A webinary presentation on "Facilitating Social Interaction In Myotonic Dystrophy" by Melissa M. Dixon, PhD, MS from the University of Utah.

5/16/19 video
"Hands" featuring Eric Hutchinson

Award-winning recording artist & MDF community member Eric Hutchinson released the song "Hands" on his new album "Modern Happiness" in partnership with MDF! Eric developed the song & video to share his family story & help raise awareness about DM & critically-needed funds for MDF. Directed by Doug Thomsen and Adam Behrmann.

5/15/19 video
Consensus-based Care Recommendations: What Do They Mean for You? (2018 MDF Annual Conference)

MDF is asking our community members to help educate their doctors about the care recommendations, and we'll show you how. Watch DM doctors and community members act out entertaining skits that will explain what to say to your doctors during your doctors visits. These skits will include a twist: affected community members will be the doctors and doctors are patients in these hilarious educational vignettes.

5/15/19 video
Dr. Gagnon - Strategies For Managing Progression (2018 MDF Annual Conference)

Current strategies for managing disease progression and maintaining quality of life, including the latest in tools and resources with Cynthia Gagnon, OT, PhD, Université de Sherbrooke

5/15/19 video
Ionis Pharmaceuticals - Industry Updates On Drug Development (2018 MDF Annual Conference)

Laurence Mignon, PhD, IONIS Pharmaceuticals provides an update on their drug development efforts in the DM field, 

5/16/19 video


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